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omgosh. i had a feeling that you're the ammy of egobox but wasnt f'sure till i visited your profile. xD jst wanted to say thx for commenting on one of my lays. i rlly appreciate it. (: how's the site going? i havnt visited in a while but it's probably amazing as always. :D i'm kinda one of your affs but you may have forgotten or wtv.. lols, i unfortunately don't comment too often. xD anyway, all the best. (:

bec xxo

Posted by faketheway on May 9, 08 9:58 am · History

hey Ammy, im really sad to see you go. what happened? i wish i could have done something to prevent this. did you report the infringing to staff members directly (vis pm)? usually when a layout is verified as infringed, its taken down immediately.

Posted by micron on May 9, 08 4:51 am · History

Where have you been lately?

Posted by FoxLucky on Nov 5, 07 12:55 pm · History

funny photo, what happened?

Posted by Blaqheartedstar on Oct 29, 07 6:37 pm · History

You're an incredible layout designer.

Posted by melancholiclights on Aug 29, 07 5:32 pm · History

You're welcome!
Although I wasn't the first one to notice lol
And thanks, I like yours too

Posted by Rawrio on Aug 1, 07 10:30 pm · History

did she ask for your permission to take your code?
http://www.createblog.c om/layouts/code.php?id=20162

Posted by Rawrio on Aug 1, 07 5:03 pm · History

thx for my new profile look :P

Posted by alive4christ on Jul 29, 07 2:14 am · History

I don't know if I said this already, but I like your profile. Haha. x]

Posted by markmejia on Jul 24, 07 5:12 pm · History

awww I wish!!! I seriously am in love with some of your layouts... you were an inspiration :)

Posted by FoxLucky on Jul 21, 07 6:28 pm · History

i am having the problem with the layout is call the ego box

Posted by trangdaiV on Jul 19, 07 6:32 pm · History

thanx for the add! :)**

Posted by delicioustyle on Jul 19, 07 4:11 am · History

you just rock. period! :)

Posted by riotstar on Jul 19, 07 1:23 am · History

Thanks so much for the comment, it means a lot coming from one of my favorite designers... :)

Posted by FoxLucky on Jul 9, 07 9:13 pm · History

that's ok :]
ur site is awesome though

Posted by lostinLDN on Jul 7, 07 11:29 am · History

looks much better now :)

Posted by brooklyneast05 on Jul 6, 07 6:33 pm · History

love ur layout.:] u make layouts for cb?
cause i was wonderin if u could make one for me........
message me?

Posted by lostinLDN on Jul 6, 07 5:29 pm · History

Anytime. Your stuff is amazing :) You should go for Official Designer :)

Posted by FoxLucky on Jul 6, 07 1:36 pm · History

Hey, how do you say your name?
Is it like "AY-mee" or "AHH-mee"? :D

Posted by markmejia on Jun 17, 07 12:36 pm · History

haven't been to ur page in a while, awesome layout

Posted by Blaqheartedstar on Jun 17, 07 12:36 pm · History

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